Hacking a Mobile Password in 5 Easy Steps

Hacking a Mobile Password in 5 Easy Steps

Want to hack someone’s mobile password? You can do it in just five easy steps, whether you want to spy on your partner or want to know what they’re up to behind your back. All you need is some tech know-how and one or two helpful apps that you can download right onto your phone (unless you already have them installed). Read on to learn how!

The first step – Getting the device

Before you can hack someone’s phone, you need to get your hands on it. If you are dealing with your own device, stealing it is easy. But if it’s someone else’s, getting access might require some ruse. How do you trick people into giving up their passwords?

The second step – Getting past the lock screen

This is generally easier than breaking into an encrypted password file. For example, your phone may be enabled with smart lock features that save your face or fingerprint. The easiest way to bypass all of these protections would be to access your friends, spouse or children’s phones and swipe right until you find someone whose smartphone is too protected for you to get past. Once you have physical access to someone’s phone, find out their passwords, patterns and fingerprints then go back home and do it all over again.

The third step – Accessing the photos and contacts

If you have admin rights to your son or daughter’s mobile phone, go to Settings > Mailbox and tap on Fetch New Data. This will enable downloading of e-mails with photos and contacts. If you don’t have access, you will need to reset your child’s smartphone. To do so go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content And Settings.

The fourth step – Accessing everything else on your phone

For example, when most people think of mobile security, they’re focused on locking their screen with a passcode or drawing an unlock pattern. In reality, that’s only step one!

The final step – Locking it back down

Now that you’ve reset your phone, get to know your new device. Play around with some of its features and find out where your old contacts went. Log into your email and look at your old messages—you may be able to recover some information there, too. Finally, take stock of what you’ve done and make sure everything is locked down. You don’t want someone else getting into your phone any more than you want them in your house!

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