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5 Ways to Make Tomorrow’s Problems Easier


Problems exist for everyone, not just the people who have their lives together. The truth is that everyone will face problems at some point, no matter how successful or happy they are. When you’re facing problems, you may think that you’re alone in your suffering and that no one else understands what you’re going through. This isn’t true! There are a lot of ways to make tomorrow’s problems easier. Here are 5 ways to make tomorrow’s problems easier to deal with so you can maintain your sanity!

1) Stay positive
No matter how big or how seemingly insurmountable tomorrow’s problems may seem, there’s one thing you can do today that will make them easier tomorrow: stay positive. By focusing on what can be done instead of what won’t be, your outlook toward tomorrow will improve—and with it, so will your performance. How? This boosts confidence and energy levels, both of which are essential to problem-solving success.

2) Ask someone out
That cute guy/girl who’s been giving you butterflies all night? Ask them out. Worried that they’ll say no or think you’re too forward? Invite them to do something low-pressure, like grabbing coffee or walking around a museum, and gauge their reaction before committing.

3) Set realistic goals
It’s hard not to stress out about big picture problems, but if you can’t tackle them head-on, set smaller goals for yourself. For example, in a few months you might want to start applying for jobs or internships—but in order to get there, it may be more realistic and less stressful just to focus on writing one strong resume per week.

4) Reach out to friends and family
Our immediate network of friends and family can be our best resource when we’re feeling overwhelmed by life’s problems. Find someone you trust and open up about your situation. Having someone who will lend an ear—or even a shoulder—can make a world of difference in helping you feel better. Or, if you prefer, turn to your friends online; just don’t forget that there are real people behind those messages and avatars!

5) Practice breathing exercises
Often we forget how simple things can actually make us feel better. Taking a few minutes out of your day to just sit and breathe deeply can calm you down, reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. If it feels too awkward, try counting your breaths up to 10 with each breath in and then again on each exhale—you’ll probably be surprised at how quickly you start feeling more relaxed.

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