How to Get Rid of Feckles and Make your Skin Beautiful

How to Get Rid of Feckles and Make your Skin Beautiful


Feckles are those cute little brown spots that you get on your skin as you age, but they’re not at all cute in the way they affect your appearance or your self-esteem. With proper application of certain vitamins and nutrients to your skin, though, you can get rid of these unsightly blemishes and begin to enjoy smooth and healthy skin once again. Use the following guide to learn how to get rid of feckles and make your skin beautiful again!


Feckels, what are they?

Fackels, also called facial lentigines (meaning small dots), are flat brown spots on skin that typically form near a person’s eyes. Although they can appear anywhere on one’s face, they most often form on or around areas where there is sun damage. Fackels are common among both men and women—one study conducted by NCBI found that approximately half of all people over 60 had them—but women tend to develop them at younger ages than men.


5 Reasons Why We Get Feckels

A lot of us hate our feckles, but when you get down to it, we can all relate because everybody has them. Here are five reasons why we get feckels on our skin. What causes feckles?


The Miracle Cure

Now that we’ve discovered what causes feckles, let’s look at how you can get rid of them. There are a few remedies you can use depending on what type of feckle-face you have. Some people have trouble with too much oil while others struggle with pimples. The solutions to each problem are different, but there is one foolproof method that will eliminate all forms of facial blemishes: love yourself. Just kidding—that will make them worse!


Prevention Tips

A feckle is a skin blemish that appears on one’s face, which is also known as a beauty mark. It can appear anywhere on one’s face, but most commonly it occurs in areas that have had more exposure to sunlight. Depending on how you look at it, feckles are either pesky or beautiful. If you appreciate their natural appearance, then all you have to do is let them be and work with what Mother Nature gave you.

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