How to Increase Your Website Traffic

When it comes to increasing website traffic, there are an array of factors that can affect the outcome. But all of them can be simplified down to three key elements: 1) finding out what your target audience wants and giving it to them, 2) being where your audience is most likely to be, and 3) creating engaging content that will keep people coming back time and time again. Use these tips to increase your website traffic and grow your business!

Keyword research

Before you even think about writing your post, do a bit of research on a topic that’s relevant for your website. For example, let’s say you own a website about music. You might want to do some research on what people search for when they want to buy musical instruments.


If you want more traffic for your website, one of your best bets is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In short, SEO means that you make sure people can find you on search engines. Most people start with on-page optimization—things like title tags and meta descriptions. To get a clear sense of what that looks like in practice, we recommend reading Eric Enge’s thorough walkthrough . With any luck, your traffic will increase and Google will take notice. They may even give you a little bump in ranking as an added bonus!

Outreach Section

when you have something new that is up and running, you can use outreach strategies such as guest blogging or social media campaigns to help generate awareness and traffic. Create a list of websites you’d like to appear on and reach out with an email pitch explaining why they should consider posting your content. Don’t spam—just reach out respectfully in an organic way, and let them know how their audience might benefit from reading your post on their site.

Finding Collaborators

In order to get your business off of a solid footing, you’ll likely need help from someone else. Whether it’s finding new clients or vendors, your success will be greatly increased by collaborating with others in some way. But how do you find people who are interested in collaborating with you? In an age where social media is prevalent and communication is easy and quick, there are plenty of ways for entrepreneurs to link up.

Social Media Section

If you want to get more people visiting your website, you’ll need social media. The easiest way is to use sites like Twitter and Facebook. Use these tools in tandem with email marketing for maximum impact.

Advertising (AdWords, PPC, etc.)

The most obvious way to drive traffic and grow your site’s audience is through paid advertising. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads—there are countless options out there for driving traffic organically.

On-Page Optimization (Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Site Speed, etc.)
On-page optimization are ways of optimizing your web pages that can be done quickly and easily by tweaking your HTML code. Site speed and internal linking are two of these on-page optimizations. Many bloggers focus on off-page optimization like guest posting or infographics, but it’s important to remember that before all else you need a fast site with quality content. On-page optimizations can also save you a lot of time compared to off-page strategies because they don’t require much work from other sites.

Off-Page Optimization (Backlinks, Guest Posts, etc.)
Off-page optimization refers to anything that improves your visibility in search engines without directly altering your website content. This includes guest posting, link building (we’ll talk about a few different types of links soon), social media, and other techniques you can use to improve your site’s presence on SERPs. You’re not actually trying to game Google here; you just want more people coming into contact with your site so they can learn more about you and hopefully come back at some point.

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