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1- #Om ཨོ་ 2- MA མ་ 3- NI ཎི་ 4- PAD པད་ 5- ME མེ་ 6- HUNG ཧུཾ།

The first syllable OM (ཨོྂ་) comprised three letters, A (ཨ་), O (ཨོ་) and M (མ་) symbolizes the three impure body, speech and mind; it also symbolize the pure exalted body, speech and mind of Lord Buddha.

If you doubt whether three impure body, speech and mind are possible to change into pure body, speech and mind or are these two separate or not. Once, all Buddhas are also same as we sentient-beings. They achieved Buddhahood and escape from this ocean of samasara by doing practice on bodhicitta “the thought of enlightenment. As written in Buddhist philosophy that no one is exhaustion of all flaws and endowment with qualities from the beginning.
Gradually, the three impure body, speech and mind will purify by doing practice on compassion. The last four syllables show the way to achieve the path of pure body, speech and mind.

The second and third two syllables MANI (མ་ཎི) mean precious jewel or gem that shows thought of enlightenment, compassion and loving kindness. As the precious jewel has a power to save oneself from poorness, bodhicitta “the mind of enlightenment” also has a power to clear all the sufferings of samasara. Like precious jewel, compassion can also fulfill the wish of sentient beings.

The fourth and fifth two syllables PADME (པདྨེ་) means lotus that shows Wisdom. Although the lotus are growing in muddy, but are untainted by mud, likewise the wisdom has a power to put on the stage of unreachable self-contradiction.

Although there are many different types of wisdom 1) the wisdom to see impermanent, 2) the wisdom to see the empty of a substantial and independent personal, 3) the wisdom to see different between sense objects and their subjective perceiver, 4) the wisdom to see the emptiness of individual characteristics, wisdom to see emptiness is main one.

The last syllable HUNG (ཧུྃ་) shows indivisible identity, that to clear the fault of one’s own mind can be done only by inseparable method and wisdom.

According to the sutra side, inseparable method and wisdom means, a method conjoined by wisdom or a wisdom conjoined by method and to the path of mantrayana, it means the indivisible identity of cognition or a mind fully perfect
by mean and wisdom.

Combining the seed syllable to five Buddha aspects, 1) Vairacana 2) Akshobhaya 3) Ratnasambhava 4) Amitabha 5) Amoghasiddhi 6) Vajradhara “Hung” is the one which can’t be disturb by anyone and it is a seed syllable of unwavering Akshobhaya. Hence, by doing practice on “om ma ni pad me hung” ཨོཾ་མཎི་པདྨེ་ཧུྃ།, it can change one impure body, speech and mind into pure body, speech and mind.
The cause to attain the state of budhahood is within us all and we don’t need to search it from outside.

As written in Gyud-Lama or Supreme Continuity Text by Maitreya Buddha or Jetsun Jampa Gonpa that generally the cause of changing into fully enlightenment is within us.

(གཟུངས།) “Zung” dharani is an ability to hold words and meaning of the dharma through the force of exalted mindfulness and wisdom. Also means mantras through the power of which one summons blessing and the ability to eliminate interfering forces.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 22 in

Plain Brass, With Zung , Sung & Statue Cloth


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