The 5 Best Apps for a Blind Person

The 5 Best Apps for a Blind Person


While talking to some friends recently, I was informed that one of my acquaintances was blind. Even though he didn’t tell me this, I noticed that the conversation came to a screeching halt whenever he wanted to contribute and we had to help him find the right place in our conversation to jump in. When I got home and told my wife about it, she asked if there were any apps out there specifically made for the blind that would help him get involved in conversations with his friends more easily.


1) Google Translate

No matter where you are, if you can’t speak or read a country’s native language, Google Translate is likely to be your best friend. Not only does it do an impressive job of converting text and speech into different languages, but it also includes instant voice translation and supports 90 languages. Just make sure to get feedback from someone with knowledge of that particular language on its accuracy—and check out some apps that aren’t made by Google .


2) Be My Eyes

If you’re blind, you can use an app that allows strangers to see through your phone. This app asks sighted volunteers to help with real-time visual tasks, like describing what a product looks like. Even if they can’t see it themselves, they can tell you about it via video chat.


3) Help from Bob

Bob is an Android app that helps you get around when you’re sight-impaired. When you have Bob running, simply touch your phone to whatever it is you want to know more about—whether it’s another person or object in front of you—and Bob will tell you everything he can. The app uses your phone’s camera and powerful algorithms to process what it sees.


4) CoffeeCup Accessibility Checker

The CoffeeCup Accessibility Checker is a free tool that makes it easy to test and optimize your website’s accessibility. This program allows you to scan your site, as well as an individual web page, and quickly spot simple accessibility issues such as alt text. Once identified, you can then follow these tips to make quick work of fixing any errors that may exist on your site.


5) TalkBack

You can’t use an Android device without running into TalkBack. It’s one of Google’s most popular accessibility apps and it works really well—it turns your phone into something akin to braille. If you have vision issues, you may want to look into purchasing one. Use TalkBack to navigate your way around your smartphone more efficiently. Plus, it won’t cost you anything if you already own an Android device! You can learn more about how TalkBack works at Google Support.

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