What’s the Problem with Swollen Fingers?


In order to treat the swelling of fingers, it is necessary to understand the causes of swelling of fingers and how to prevent this problem. Firstly, let’s understand the causes of swollen fingers: swollen fingers can be caused by rheumatism or arthritis, if you feel your fingers are painful and swell, you need to check whether you have rheumatism or not. Besides, your finger might be swollen because of water retention, which also leads to pain in hands. If your finger swells because of an infection, the treatment is different than others.

Diabetic neuropathy
This complication occurs when you have poor blood circulation or nerve damage, which can lead to chronic pain and numbness in your hands. To avoid nerve damage, make sure to check your blood glucose levels often and keep them within a normal range. You should also eat right, exercise regularly and see your doctor regularly. If you’re experiencing pain or other sensations in your hands, stop what you’re doing and seek medical attention immediately. In some cases, early treatment is enough to reverse any damage before it becomes permanent.

Peripheral arterial disease
This means that there is narrowing of some of your arteries, usually in your legs. The lack of oxygen can cause you to feel pain, swelling and sometimes numbness. Some of these symptoms are similar to that of heart disease and it may be difficult for doctors to diagnose peripheral arterial disease until they conduct a full examination. If left untreated, peripheral arterial disease can result in an amputation.

When a woman is pregnant, it’s common for fingers and toes to swell, especially in later stages of pregnancy. Because there are some risks associated with swelling (possible clotting), it’s important for a pregnant woman to be mindful of how her body changes throughout her pregnancy. A good way to do that is by keeping an online diary about any symptoms or discomforts she may be experiencing.

Arthritis refers to a group of conditions in which joints are affected by inflammation, swelling and pain, says Dr. Padiyar. The common forms of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis. Since swollen fingers can be a symptom of joint pain, doctors recommend treating them first before looking for other causes.

This is an inflammation of bursae, which are small fluid-filled sacs between tendons and bones. It typically affects one joint at a time, for example between your finger joints. Bursitis can be caused by repetitive strain to a joint or an injury such as falling on an outstretched hand. The condition causes pain and tenderness in the joint and swelling around it. To relieve symptoms, rest, apply ice and take over-the-counter painkillers.

One of the more serious reasons for swollen fingers is an undiagnosed tumor. While very rare, tumors in your fingers can cause pain, inflammation and most importantly—swelling. If you have a suspicious lump on your hand or finger, seek out a doctor immediately to have it checked out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The problem is that swollen fingers signal an acute injury, which should be addressed right away. There are two common causes of swollen fingers: (1) tourniquet syndrome and (2) deep vein thrombosis. In both cases, blood flow to your hand becomes obstructed in some way. The first case leads to restriction of blood circulation within a specific limb, while in DVT only part of your venous system is blocked.

If you’re experiencing swollen fingers, especially on one hand, it’s important to get to a doctor for testing. Since gout is one of those diseases that has significant potential for joint damage, it’s smart to be sure that you don’t have gout. Other potential causes include kidney problems, diabetes and thyroid disorders. If you are diagnosed with swollen fingers caused by any of these other health conditions, your doctor will be able to prescribe treatment based on your specific problem and symptoms.

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