What’s Your Favorite Childhood Movie?

What’s Your Favorite Childhood Movie?

We all have that one movie from our childhood that we are nostalgic about, and some of us even continue to enjoy watching it as adults. So what’s your favorite movie from childhood? Did you watch it again as an adult? Why or why not? Give your thoughts on the movie and why you still love it so much!

Discuss how you enjoyed the movie as a child

As a child, I loved movies that made me laugh, and E.T. had me rolling on my back with laughter after every viewing. From Elliot’s excessive eating to his wacky encounters with dogs and guns, I couldn’t get enough of him—and still can’t! When I watch it now as an adult, however, I find many scenes border on heart-wrenching: E.T.

Talk about favorite moments, characters and quotes

What’s your favorite childhood movie? Is it a film from your youth, or maybe something you watched as an adult and loved just as much? Share your thoughts on that favorite flick. What makes it stand out for you, and what does its legacy mean to you today? You can also share scenes that stick with you, whether they were humorous or dramatic. Maybe there was a catchphrase uttered by a beloved character that still brings a smile to your face.

Why it is still relevant today

Nostalgia is often a factor when it comes to our favorite childhood movies. Many of us grew up watching reruns of Star Wars and The Lion King, both still being shown in movie theaters today. These movies have withstood time and are now considered some of Hollywood’s greatest works. Some people call these classics; others would call them overrated. But regardless of whether or not you still enjoy them as an adult, these movies bring back great memories from your childhood that can be shared with family and friends forever.

Think of your favorite scenes, quotes or characters in general

No doubt you have a favorite movie, but what is it that makes it your favorite? When you watch your movie of choice, do you usually sit and analyze it and pick apart all of its plot holes or re-watch certain scenes over and over again to catch something new? Or maybe you just pop in your DVD (or stream) to get a break from reality. Share what makes your favorite childhood movie special.

Share one other favorite childhood movie

One of my favorite childhood movies is Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This movie not only made me laugh, but it also sparked my imagination. I was young when I first saw it and my mom bought me some Roger Rabbit playing cards for school so I could show them to friends and family who hadn’t seen it. It just goes to show how timeless those movies really are!

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Winona Ryder . She may have retired from acting and is now a full-time activist, but we can’t help but include her in any discussion about our favorite childhood movies.

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