When you feel like you’re being bossed around by your family member


You have just entered the family gathering, and your beloved family member has already started to boss you around. You feel like you have been bossed around enough, and this time you are going to speak up! This might be the day when you are going to tell off your bossy family member once and for all! However, before you open your mouth to tell them how you really feel, take a deep breath and calm down, because there is probably more to this story than meets the eye!

Dealing with an overbearing parent
When you’re surrounded by people who are always telling you what to do, it can be tempting to push back and stand up for yourself. But in a situation like that, it’s important to keep cool. No matter how obnoxious they get, never raise your voice or take any physical action toward an older family member—no matter how angry they make you. Find a way to walk away before things get out of hand.

How to handle an overbearing sibling
First, ask yourself if they’re in a position of authority over you. It may be easier to put up with their meddling if they are. If so, swallow your pride and try to keep peace with them in order to maintain peace within your family unit.

Dealing with an overbearing son/daughter
The next time a family member tries to interfere with one of your decisions, stand up for yourself. Whether they try to make an appointment for you without asking, help you cook dinner when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself or call you at work because there’s something wrong with our mother, speak up and let them know that what they’re doing is inappropriate.

Dealing with a nagging husband/wife
Often times in a marriage one spouse will complain about how their partner does not do anything to help. While in some cases it may be legitimate, on other occasions a husband or wife could be projecting how they would act if they were married to someone else. On those instances, consider that no matter how annoying your spouse is with his or her nit-picking and constantly asking for things to be done; remember that they are doing it because they love you.

Tips on how to deal with relatives from overseas
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