Why you should support everyone in your family, not just the ones who are blood related


As you may know, I come from a huge family, and my parents were always telling me how proud they were of the way I treated everyone like I was related to them all and not just my blood relatives. They would always tell me that blood isn’t thicker than water and that family isn’t just blood but those you choose to be part of your life! It’s an age-old idea that family members are simply people who are in your life and support you, regardless of their relation to you.

Families come in all shapes and sizes
You can have siblings but no parents, or have a spouse who acts like a sibling to you. In all of these situations, while they may be considered non-blood families, they’re still members of your life—and worth supporting. Here’s why.

The positive effect on supporting non-blood relatives
One of my cousins is a teacher. He put my name on his students’ chalkboard and told them to write something nice about me. They were so sweet! The thought of it makes me smile now. Their little comments got me thinking about how much I really care for my extended family and friends. Just because we’re not related by blood doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other with all our hearts! It doesn’t mean that we can’t be a true part of each other’s lives!

What happens if you don’t support non-blood relatives?
I think we all know about family loyalty. You’re supposed to be loyal to your brothers and sisters (blood or otherwise) throughout all of life’s trials and tribulations. It’s one of those things that’s implied when someone asks Is my phone tapped? because they think their spouse is cheating on them.

Strategies to engage with your non-blood relatives
1. Engage with your non-blood relatives as if they were one of your real family members. Don’t treat them any differently than how you would treat a blood relative, even though it’s natural to think of them differently and expect different treatment. 2. Include them in family events and holidays such as birthdays, weddings or baby showers 3.

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